Design Standards Letter

Letter Number: G-2013-10

Letter Date: 08/15/2013

Effective Date: 10/01/2013

Section/Plan No.: 401

Subject: Computer Stored Pay Items

TO: All Central Office and District Offices

FROM: Kathy Harvey
State Design Engineer

DATE: August 15, 2013

SUBJECT: Design Computer Stored Pay Items

Questions concerning the distribution of revisions to bid items should be directed to Central Office, Jeff Campbell (573) 526-2920 or Natalie Roark (573) 526-2923.

The following listing shows item numbers in the computer pay items database that were added, revised or made obsolete and are effective with the October 2013 bid opening. A complete listing of computer stored pay items can also be found at the following website.
For pay item revisions that involve only a change in item description, the item number will not change. For a material or process change, or a change in units or type, that will affect the price history of an item, an alphanumeric character will be added at the end of the existing number to indicate a revised item. For example, 4036000, if revised would become 4036000A. This process eliminates creating an excessive amount of new numbers in the database.

October 2013
Item Number
Description of Revision
Added pay item "BITUMINOUS PAVEMENT MIXTURE PG70-22, (BP-1)"
Added pay item "BITUMINOUS PAVEMENT MIXTURE PG70-22, (BP-2)"