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1. Dual Units-Current JSP by Title

IDFirst Eff DateTitle
* Central office Construction and Materials should be consulted prior to using these MSPs
JSP -06-07C03/20103 - or 4 - Strand High Tension Guard Cable
JSP-93-14B12/2012Accelerating the Completion of Closure Work (Incentive/Disincentive Clause)
JSP-12-0208/2012Add Alternate Section (District Wide Budget)
JSP-12-0308/2012Add Alternate Section (Per Project)
JSP-96-04E111/2012Alternate for Pavements
JSP-09-0512/2009Alternates for Slab Stabilization
JSP-10-01A05/2010Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) And Final Acceptance Of Constructed Facilities
CCC - Updates12/2001Associated General Contractors (AGC) Updates
JSP-98-1412/2007Bidding Requirements and Conditions
JSP-93-2712/2007Changeable Message Sign (Commission Furnished)
AAA-Checklist05/2009Checklist Used by Reviewers & Designers when Processing Project Plans
JSP-03-04A04/2008Cold Recycling of Bituminous Material (Partial Depth) *
JSP-04-1612/2007Coldmilling Requirements
JSP-04-1512/2007Concrete Planing
JSP-13-01A06/2013Contract Liquidated Damages
JSP-01-0612/2007Contractor Furnished/Commission Retained Temporary Type F Concrete Traffic Barrier
JSP-04-1112/2007Contractor Retained Guardrail
JSP-08-07A11/2012Contrast Pavement Markings
JSP-99-0812/2007Demolition and Removal Contract
JSP-93-3512/2007Disposition of Existing Signal/Lighting Equipment
JSP-12-0105/2012Disposition of Existing Signing
JSP-97-0612/2007Division 100 Revisions for Complex Projects
JSP-05-05A05/2012Electronic Information for Bidder's Automation
JSP-90-1112/2007Emergency Provisions and Incident Management
JSP-97-1012/2007Experimental Sand Anti-Fracture Mixture *
JSP-04-0512/2007Full Depth Reclamation and Granular Base Stabilization *
JSP-05-01A04/2008Furnishing and Placing Cold Mix Asphalt
JSP-09-02A05/2013General - Federal
JSP-09-03A05/2013General - State
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